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Hi guys, I'm clueless about cars, which is why I'm here. To seek for your advice!

How do I get my car like this?  Do I need to go somewhere or is it a DIY?

My car:

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Passat, nice base to start from. Well a pink respray wouldn't be too hard for any half-decent sprayshop, they'll be able to spray the flat colour over your existing paintwork.

For stars or anything like that look for a place that cuts vinyl decals. They'll be able to knock them up for you and who knows, if you ask nicely the garage might apply them for you.

When fitting larger alloys remember to drop the car at the same time. Low profile tyres make a car look like a 4x4 if it hasn't been lowered. The Passat should be a 1 1/2 inch drop easy. Be warned, the lower you go the stiffer your suspension has to be, and I do know of a guy who had his car so low and hard his girlfriend complained that her breasts hurt when he drove over rough surfaces. So 1 1/2 inch will probably be easy, 2 1/2 inch will probably need serious stiffening.

To get an idea of what else is available or to check what people have done with their's, I recommend hitting up CarDomain.

Hope this helps!
Thanks, this is all the information I need. :) Now to find a sprayshop..
Do you know anything about this place:

As I'm a Brit I'm afraid not, but looking through if you just want that pink Pro 1 would probably cover it. Remember, flat colours are easy, metallic is harder, candy/flip/marble is all big money.
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